WA Notebook.

Notebook Minutes

Marie & The Extraordinary Glass Bottles


Marie has documented the research that went into attempting the personalised glass bottle project for the studio. We all agree it’s lovely and deserves to be up for people to see.

Mathew found an opportunity to bring up his shed fairly early on.

Calum made a joke. We tried to laugh.

Marie and Mathew are going to have a go at writing this up on Medium.

Tom’s Considerate CSS


We think Gist is the best canonical home for it.

Tom has some amends still to do, but we’re agreed we’d like to make some noise about this as soon as possible.

Jamie is going to help Tom get this out.

Ben and Erin’s Heroku Review Apps

We’re trying out Heroku Review Apps in earnest. This piece will document those efforts.

Note: remember to add a date to the article.

Ben’s Snippets of Usefulness

Little exchanges from pull requests.

Thoughts for how we capture these:


Use .any? rather then .count > 1


But that'd work for .count == 1 as well, which isn't intended








Before you do: it might be worth verifying that many? translates into a Mongo COUNT. We had this problem with Resonance. A bit of abstraction leak on Mongoid’s Criteria API.


many doesn't translate into a Mongo COUNT so I'm sticking with count.

We’ll give this a go on Tumblr to begin with.

Ben will lead by example.

Dictaphone Conversations

We’ve given this a go in /2015/08/12/lunch-with-phoenix.html

Record each other’s faces with Go Pro.

Calum will take a look at the “Lunch with Phoenix” piece and see if we can editorialize it a bit.

Nini’s Design Typologies

Short series of regular posts on a particular design problem.

First theme: Tables on mobile

A Tumblr?

David’s Payment Systems Study

A post on Medium?

Format: question-based

Will start next week with one timeboxed hour.


At least Mathew will take some photos and have some opinions.

A Piece About OfficeTime

Why we settled on the tools we did. Why we’re changing up now.


Can we collect our individual stuff into a collective magazine.